Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Using Videos in the Classroom

During class, our assignment was to create a public service announcement video. We chose to speak about fish rights. We didn't really experiences that many problems with the project. We did two different scenes and it was relatively easy to make everything come together. I really enjoyed this project and would recommend continuing this in different classes. Below is the video my group made. A video assignment could be used to help make something more memorable and exciting for a student, especially in a subject area that they feel is less appealing to them. If a student has been acting up in class, the teacher could place a video camera in the classroom and show the parents the student’s behavior. Or even could video tape the student’s academic progress the student is making and report the footage to the parents.

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  1. Leanne! Hi :) Your blogs are great! I'm in SEDU183 now so I'll prob read everything of your :) k thanks love you bye :)) <3