Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I recently came across a very useful tool, it's called This online source helps a student organize their thoughts before writing a paper. It allows to the student to brainstorm without the additional chaos of their other papers. The student is able to color coordinate each bubble to make things more accessible and organized for them. This tool is very well thought out, it only took me a few minutes and I was already customizing the brainstorming web I constructed as an example for you guys. Go ahead and try it! The website is

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  1. The site made in late 2006, is an awesome web tool for students. The Russian creator's made a simple to use and easy to learn tool to help people organize ideas in a way that makes sense to them. Creator’s gave the bare minimum amount of tools needed to get the task done, trying to avoid features for coolness. I could innovate this tool into my class simply by brainstorming a together with the class on a certain subject. could create better organized writing skills, more ideas, and a better understanding of a subject as a whole.